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Database Assistant

GGMS Assist

Simplify your day with the help of GGMS Assist, the ultimate database assistant.


How does GGMS Assist work?

Our team handles five Sierra Interactive lead statuses: New, Qualify, Active, Watch, and Junk.

We manage your inbox, including handling inbound text and emails. Additionally, we suggest property tasks and create personalized home searches.

Optionally, for Qualify and Active leads, we can even help nudge your database (send text messages) to generate more opportunities. We provide weekly reports on our activities to keep you in the loop.

With GGMS Assist, you and your team can streamline your efforts by focusing on just two smart filters:

  1. Priority — Tasks
  2. GGMS Assist — Agent Tasks

Benefits of GGMS Assist

We help streamline lead management and enhance your real estate business's efficiency, allowing you to focus on closing deals and growth.

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Reduce your Workload

Let our team handle low-level conversations and tasks – reducing your workload by 80%.

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Maximize your ROI of Sierra

Squeeze more opportunities out of your database – each and every single month.
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Focus on High Priority Tasks

Focus your time on high-priority phone calls & tasks – the highest and best use of your time.

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Avoid Missed Opportunities

We sweep your account multiple times per day – ensure that no conversation is missed.

Is GGMS Assist right for me?

If you find yourself answering yes to any of these statements, then GGMS Assist is the perfect fit for you.


Is your inbox constantly overflowing with messages, leaving you feeling overwhelmed?

Our inbox management services ensure your messages are promptly and professionally handled, giving you the peace of mind to focus on what truly matters.


Tired of handling low-level conversations and tasks?

Don't let yourself get weighed down by mundane conversations and tasks. Let our team take care of the nitty-gritty so you and your team can fully concentrate on closing high-level opportunities.


Is your team grappling with system complexities?

Let us simplify it for you. With GGMS Assist you and your team can streamline your efforts by focusing on just two smart filters: "Priority — Tasks" and "GGMS Assist — Agent Tasks." Say goodbye to confusion and hello to simplicity!

What's included in GGMS Assist?

GGMS Assist is divided into six main areas, providing a comprehensive range of services to meet your needs.

Coverage of 5 Lead Statuses

We handle the management of 5 Sierra Interactive lead statuses: New, Qualify, Active, Watch, and Junk.

This means that you and your team are only responsible for Prime, Pending, Closed, and Archived (SOI).

By doing so, you can dedicate your time to the most promising opportunities in your database and your past clients/sphere of influence.

Inbox Management (Text & Email)

Our well-trained team will skillfully manage and respond to all incoming communication through text or email from the five lead statuses we handle within Sierra Interactive: New, Qualify, Active, Watch, and Junk.

Suggest Properties

Our team takes proactive measures by recommending properties to leads who have shown a consistent interest in a particular listing.

This not only boosts the likelihood of receiving more responses but also showcases our dedication and commitment to assisting them in their home search journey, ultimately resulting in a surge of showing requests.

Personalized Home Searches

As our team responds to inquiries via text, email, or when leads fill out a personalized home search form on your website, we take care of creating the search for them.

Not only do we make the necessary adjustments, but we also inform the contact that they will start receiving new listings directly to their email. This way, you can focus on other important matters while we handle this task for you.

Database Nudging (Optional)

Our team will manually assign action plans featuring engaging text messages to nudge contacts in the Qualify or Active status which drives higher website traffic and achieves a significant boost in activity.

While this feature is optional, we highly recommend it to maximize your results. Please note that opting for this feature may result in additional charges for text message usage from Sierra Interactive.

Weekly Reporting

Every week, you will receive a snapshot from our dedicated GGMS Assist team. This report provides a detailed breakdown of the tasks that we have successfully completed within your account over the past week.

Additionally, it includes a valuable four-week snapshot of the work accomplished in your account.

Not only that, but this insightful report also highlights the two filters that your team is responsible for, along with the number of tasks contained within those filters.

Are you ready to discuss how we can help your business?

Schedule a call to speak with a member of our team.