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CRM Integration

Lofty + GGMS

Stop chasing cold leads. Start chasing hand-raisers.

We nurture your database using smart plans, monitor for hand-raisers, and then apply priority tasks that are easily accessible using a filter — you just make the dials.

Lofty + GGMS

A simple integration.


Tag Leads

to enroll them in the system


Smart Plans

engage and monitor leads


Priority Tasks

get applied to hand-raisers


Tag Leads

to enroll them in the system


Smart Plans

engage and monitor leads


Priority Tasks

get applied to hand-raisers

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Let's make your Lofty platform intelligent.

Do you feel like you are not maximizing the opportunities in your database? With our Lofty integration, we nurture and track leads that take high-intent activities on your website, which we call hand-raisers.

Three core components.
One powerful integration.


Smart plans

We install a set of smart plans that nurture leads through email, monitor their website activity, and alert you when a lead shows interest — we call them hand-raisers.

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Lead tags

We create a group of lead tags that serve two primary functions: enrolling contacts into the integration and tagging hand-raisers when they take action on your website.

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Priority filter

When leads become hand-raisers, we push them to a single filter in your Lofty platform. You simply complete the assigned task and remove the associated tag — it's that simple.

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Our Lofty integration seamlessly blends automated lead tracking with traditional follow-up methods.

Allowing you to be efficient with your time, speak with the best opportunities in your database, and build a steady pipeline of business.

The era of intelligent follow-up is here.

Not complicated, it's simple.

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We find the leads.

Our system nurtures and identifies hand-raisers.

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You make the dials.

Call them when it's time to get in touch.

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Stop chasing cold leads.
Start chasing hand-raisers.


Priority Tasks

Each month, our automation processes consistently identify a significant number of hand-raisers, ensuring that potential leads are efficiently recognized and prioritized for follow-up actions.


Answer Rate

The average answer rate achieved when making calls to our curated lists of priority tasks reflects the effectiveness of our targeted approach and the quality of our carefully selected leads.

Common questions.

How long does it take to get set up?

After you sign up, we will send you a client intake form to collect the necessary login details, allowing our team to access your platform.

Once we have obtained these credentials, the setup will be completed within approximately 7-10 days.

Do you provide continuous support?

Yes, improve your experience with our Lofty integration using our premium support offering.

You will receive a guided warm-up for your account and 1,000 manually applied property alerts every month.

These alerts will increase your website's traffic and fill your priority filter with valuable opportunities.

Our premium support also covers general issues and minor tweaks, like updating the links in your email nurturing campaigns.

Manual vs. Guided account warm-up?

The manual account warm-up process involves gradually implementing our nurture plans over 30 days to avoid any email delivery complications.

By choosing our premium support, you will have access to a structured warm-up process. This includes a strategic consultation with our team to identify the specific contact groups for the buyer or seller nurture plan.

After the selection and tagging of your contacts, our dedicated team will handle the warm-up phase of your account. Opting for a guided warm-up will save you time and get you into action more efficiently.

What is the definition of a hand-raiser?

A (Lofty) hand-raiser is a potential customer who expresses interest by matching one or more of the following conditions;

  • leaving a message on your website
  • requesting a home evaluation
  • requesting a showing
  • returning to the website after 30 days
  • saving a listing
  • viewing one listing three times.

How do I operate the priority filter?

When our automated systems (smart plans) identify hand-raisers, they promptly generate a task for the assigned agent and label the contact with the relevant activity.

The task and tag are named after the activity, which simplifies the process of understanding why you're reaching out to the potential customer.

Simply complete the task, mark it as done, and remove the tag to take the contact out of the high-priority queue. The objective is to keep the priority task filter free of contacts.

Why are property alerts important?

Property alerts are a powerful tool for boosting your site's traffic and enriching your priority task filter with more contacts.

Additionally, by clicking on an alert, the user is seamlessly logged into your website, allowing tracking of their activities during current or future visits.

Typically, 5-15% of users enrolled in property alerts will revisit your site within 30 days of being enrolled, resulting in 50 to 150 returning visitors for every 1,000 enrollees.

Our team manually applies the first 1,000 property alerts to drive more traffic. If you enroll in premium support, we will continue to apply up to 1,000 additional property alerts per month while actively enrolled in the service.


Lofty Services

Stop chasing cold leads. Start chasing hand-raisers.

$1,500 / one-time
What’s included:
check Manual account warm-up, implementation documentation and private community access
check Buyer, seller, and buyer/seller smart plans (email-focused nurture content with links)
check Behavioral monitoring to identify hand-raisers
check up to 1,000 manually configured property alerts to drive additional engagement; more hand-raisers
check 30 days of basic support (minor adjustments)
Premium Support
$99 / mo
What’s included:
check Guided account warm-up. Simply mass-tag your leads, and our team will handle the rest.
check up to 1,000 additional manually configured property alerts are applied every month to drive additional engagement; more hand-raisers
check Troubleshooting and minor adjustments