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Lifetime Membership

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What's included?

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Sierra Interactive Integration

This service includes a comprehensive suite of tools designed to enhance your lead nurture processes. It features:

  • Landing Pages: Customizable video web pages tailored to capture leads and drive conversions.
  • Automations: Automated workflows to streamline communication and engagement with leads.
  • Smart Filters: Advanced filtering to segment and target your audience effectively.
  • Action Plans: Structured strategies to follow up with and nurture leads.
  • Contact Templates: Pre-designed templates for consistent and professional communication.
  • Tags: Labeling system for easy organization and tracking of contacts.

Facebook/Instagram Video Ads

This service involves creating and managing video advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. These ads specifically target users who have previously interacted with your brand, enhancing the likelihood of re-engagement and conversion.

Property Promoter Access

This feature provides access to a specialized tool for promoting real estate properties. It's designed to increase visibility, attract potential buyers, and demonstrate social proof for sellers through targeted marketing strategies.

Priority Support

This premium support service ensures that your inquiries and issues are prioritized and addressed swiftly. With escalated tickets, you receive high-priority attention, leading to faster resolutions.

Monthly Private Mastermind

An exclusive monthly group session for lifetime members only. This mastermind is a valuable opportunity for networking, sharing insights, and learning from peers.

Zero Setup Fee for Add-On Services

As a lifetime member, you are exempt from any setup fees typically associated with additional services like advanced marketing tools or GGMS Assist. This waiver can lead to significant cost savings.

Ticket to All Future GGMS Events

This benefit entitles you to one ticket to every GGMS event in the future, ensuring you have ongoing access to these valuable networking and learning opportunities without additional ticket costs.

Access to future Lifetime Updates

This feature guarantees free access to any updates or enhancements made to the service in the future. As a lifetime member, you won't incur any extra charges for these updates, ensuring your service remains cutting-edge at no additional expense.
Lifetime Membership
$12,000 / one-time

Limited-time pricing, normally $15,000.

This lifetime option includes everything listed in this page's "What's Included?" section.

Lifetime Membership + GGMS Assist & Marketing
$25,000 / one-time

Limited-time pricing, normally $35,000.

This lifetime option includes a 12-month subscription to GGMS Assist, a virtual assistant that helps manage your database ($5,988 value), and 3 marketing campaigns.