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More appointments. More closings.

GGMS x Appointments Today

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The Choice is Simple

Why Choose Appointments Today?

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Struggling to squeeze in enough calls? Finding it challenging to rally your team? Leverage Appointments Today to reclaim your time and boost your business simultaneously.

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More Appointments

Appointment Today's number one goal is to book qualified appointments. Have their team schedule the appointments while your team focuses on closing the deal.

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Trained Dialers

Their team of dialers attend ongoing training to keep their phone skills dialed in. Plus, they can handle many lead sources such as portal, SEM, and social leads, and more.

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Common questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Appointments Today team help increase ROI with GGMS?

In our comprehensive analysis across various databases, we've discovered a startling statistic: approximately 70% of potential leads identified through automation are lost due to agents not making the necessary phone calls.

This is where Appointments Today bridges the gap by securing appointments for you or your agents. The solution is straightforward—if making calls isn't within your team's wheelhouse, it's crucial to delegate this task to a dedicated team committed to ensuring your business thrives.

Does the Appointments Today team only call people in GGMS smart filters?

Appointments Today's expertise isn't confined to just GGMS smart filters. They boast a broad spectrum of experience across various lead sources, such as FSBO, Expired listings, and circle prospecting, to name a few. It's important to bear in mind, however, that the success rate in terms of contacts and appointments can differ from one source to another.

What does it cost to get started with Appointments Today?

The starting package is available for $750 monthly, alongside an initial setup fee of $250. Factors such as the number of dialers and the extent of coverage may influence the overall pricing. To explore all available options and find the best fit for your needs, we recommend utilizing the form on this page to arrange a conversation with their team.

Ready to learn more?

Please fill out the form below, and a member of the Appointments Today team will reach out to you directly.