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Supercharge your Sierra Interactive platform with our nurturing and conversion machine — maximize the ROI from your existing database & website traffic.

Tier 1

Start generating new opportunities that get pushed back to your nurturing and conversion machine in Sierra — includes everything in Essentials.

Tier 2

Double-down your digital retargeting efforts and optimize your community presence to increase exposure — includes everything in Essentials & Tier 1.

Tier 3

Dominate your market by unleashing the full package of our marketing services in your business — includes everything in Essentials, Tier 1, & Tier 2.

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If you are not a member and are interested in learning more about what we offer, please contact our sales team. They will be happy to assist you and provide information on membership options.

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GGMS Digital Action Plans

Digital Action Plans

Facebook & Instagram retargeting with consistent messaging.

What Are The Main Benefits?

Inject Video Into Your Follow-Up Strategy
Set yourself apart from the competition. We provide scripts to re-film the videos that come stock on the landing pages.
Digitally Connect with Your Database
Our video landing pages pull you closer to your core audience and allow you to showcase yourself as a market expert.
Multi-channel Database Nurturing
The landing pages are used in email, text messages, and retargeting campaigns (digital action plans).
Lead Capture Forms With Tracking Tags
Most landing pages contain a form with tracking tags that trigger automations and notify you to take action with a task.
GGMS Services - Sierra Interactive - Lead Engagement System Digital Action Plans

Say Hello to Digital Action Plans

Imagine taking similar text/email copy we send to your database, and turning them into video ads that retarget your database and website traffic to build brand awareness and push traffic to your site. That's exactly what we did!


GGMS Digital Action Plans

Key Features

Why are digital action plans important, and to whom do they get delivered?

NURTURE They are a digital version of the
action plans, brand awareness
CONNECT Digital action plans pull you closer to your core audience using video  
LANDING PAGES The destination URLs for the digital action plans are the landing pages  

Digital action plans retarget anyone that visited your site in the last 90-Days

DATABASE RETARGETING Our team exports your database and refreshes your audience monthly  
AD ROTATION Every month, we perform campaign cycling to reduce audience fatigue  
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GGMS Digital Action Plans

15 Second Teaser Ads

Introduce a consistent marketing message into your business that builds brand awareness & consideration.

  • For every landing page, there are (3) video ads for Facebook/Instagram that pushes traffic back to the associated landing page on your website, where traffic can consume the long version of the topic.
  • The 15-second ads are “teasers” or “hooks” to pull traffic into your website.
  • The ads resemble the same content sent via text and email, which is why we call them digital action plans.
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GGMS Digital Action Plans

Customize the Ad Content

The ad campaign is fully customizable.

  • We leverage Facebook's Dynamic Creative options to serve up multiple versions of each video in a single ad.
  • We provide the exact scripts used in the stock videos to make re-filming the content simple.
  • We recommend taking the topics and having fun with the conversation. As long as you maintain the "topic" of the script, you can customize the messaging to match your market or perspective on the subject.
GGMS Ad Video Scripts
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GGMS Digital Action Plans

Simple Replacement

Once you re-film the digital action plan video content, the replacement process is super simple using Facebook / Meta's built-in media library feature.

  • Our team creates and shares a folder with you in Facebook / Meta Ads Manager. (Think of this like a Google Shared Drive folder)
  • Upload videos to your folder, then let our team know.
  • Our team magically replaces the videos for you.
GGMS Facebook Media Library
GGMS Digital Action Plans

How Setup Works

  • 1. You Tell Us About Your Business by Completing an Account Activation Form

Everything starts with learning more about your business! Using our activation form, we will capture all the details about your business that our team needs to set up your account. This process takes about 10 minutes or less to complete.

  • 2.  We Create Landing Pages and the Lead Engagement System into Your Account

Our team reviews your activation form and begins creating our video landing pages for your account. As well as connecting our integration to Sierra Interactive, which allows us to import action plans, tags, smart filters, contact templates, and automations into your account.

  • 3. We Perform An Account Audit and Optimize your Sierra Interactive Platform

During the activation process, we perform an account audit to make sure that your Sierra Interactive settings are configured properly. Once completed, you'll receive a copy of the audit report along with action items that need your attention.

  • 4. We Launch Your Account and Provide Ongoing Training and Premium Support

After installation and the audit is complete, we will launch your account and notify you that everything is live. You have full access to our membership area that contains training content, along with daily live training sessions, private Facebook group, and 1-on-1 account review calls to dig into your progress with our services.


Ready to Get Started?

Schedule a call to speak with a member of our team.
GGMS Digital Action Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to setup my account? The length of the setup process depends on how quickly you can get your activation form completed. The form takes around 15 minutes to complete, and our team can help you if necessary. As soon as you complete the form, and if all information is correctly provided, our team can have your account up and running in 2-3 business days.
Why is GGMS only available in Sierra Interactive? While we have discussed working inside other platforms, we believe that to provide the highest level of service to you, the client, we need to focus on one platform for the time being. However, we are always open to exploring new opportunities.
Is there a contract? Our standard contract is 12 months. However, if you are not seeing ROI, let's talk. We have found that it is typically a lack of clarity and work that is not being done inside the CRM by you and/or your agents that is leading to the gap in return. If after implementing the recommendations our team provides to help you get into action you are still not seeing success we can discuss the appropriate steps to part ways.
What happens if I cancel my subscription?

Our cancellation process involves removing the landing pages from your account and disconnecting our integration with your platform. Meaning all action plans, smart filters, contact templates, automations, etc. are removed from your account.


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GGMS Digital Action Plans


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